Sales Mistakes – Sales Calls – Purposeless Encounters

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Every Sales Call Is A Good Call

Every sales call is not a good call. Most calls I hear people making are all but a complete waste of time.

Each time you make a call you have to set an objective/goal as to what you are attempting to accomplish through the call.

The mistake is that most people will set the same goal for every call and usually that goal is to get the business. That’s ridiculous.

If you make a cold call a good objective would be to determine

  1. If they use what you’re selling.
  2. If you do get them interested enough, to have another call or set up a meeting.

From the next call you set a new objective and maybe even close the sale… not probable but possible.

“Send me some information” “what is your website” these types of statements are usually what we call “blow offs”. They are literally blowing you off like some fluff on their shoulder.


It may be justified they may be busy etc but the point is that your time is valuable and agreeing send them some information that they are not going to look at is disrespecting yourself.

I always suggest that if they ask you to send them some information, offer to do so during the next scheduled call. So for example they say “send me your brochure”, and you say “I’d love to do that.

Even better, so that we can save some time, how about we schedule fifteen minute appointment and I’ll send the brochure during that call. From there we can review it together and I can answer your questions right away. If you decide it’s not a match great, no more need to discuss things or follow up”.

Many people will say no to that and frankly, I’d be grateful.

I don’t want to send my brochure, just so I can follow up (even at an agreed time) only for them to ignore my calls. Then I end up playing cat and mouse and frankly that is the worst position you can ever be in as a sales person.

All of your calls and encounters must lead to something…

Although you will need persistence and consistency the more deliberate and focus you can be with each interaction the more success you will have.

Stop wasting time and use your time wisely. For every person that isn’t interested, there’s another that is.

Remember sales involves timing and “no” more often than not means “not now”. Once you’ve determined that you would want them as a client and you’ve got your final no; move on, but not before you schedule them for a follow up call in a few months and start the process again.

Here’s to good skills.

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