5 Steps to Banish Your Fears of Public Speaking

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It is a well-known fact Public Speaking is the greatest fear people have, even over death.

So now you know you’re not alone, but that doesn’t get you any closer to getting over your fear.

The first step in getting over a fear of public speaking is determining if it’s a phobia or if it’s just a fear.

If you have a phobia of speaking in public, there is nothing, absolutely nothing that’s going to get you in front of people to talk.  Not even a large chunk of money. So in that case you’ll need the help of a skilled and certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and you’ll be over it in one session.

So if it’s not a phobia, it’s a fear or more accurately; it’s anxiety.

Anxiety is created by what you’re thinking about. To be more specific, it is created by the things you say to yourself and the images you create in your mind. Whether you’re aware of it or not there isn’t a human being on the planet that doesn’t talk to themselves, daydream or imagine all kinds of wonderful and not so wonderful things.  Being aware that you can manage those thoughts is key to overcoming any anxiety regardless of how severe it is.

So that’s the good news, it’s not public speaking that’s causing the problem, it’s what you’re telling yourself about public speaking that’s the trouble.  And there’s a pretty good chance that what you’re telling yourself are along the lines of making a fool of yourself, being judged or that you’re just not good enough.

Goodness knows even the best public speakers would feel anxious and not perform as well if they were telling themselves that they were going to bomb, or make a fool of themselves, wouldn’t you agree?

Ok great so now we know “what”  the fear of public speaking is, and we know “where” it’s coming from so now let’s get to “how” to get rid of it!

It’s actually not that difficult though you will need to be patient with yourself while you retrain your brain for the results you want. But don’t worry about it, your brain works faster than you think.

Here’s five easy steps to keep you focussed on delivering the best possible message with the  most amount of confidence. The more you practice the better you’ll get.

  1. What is your message?  There is nothing more powerful in a strong presentation than having a clearly stated message.  Be able to summarize your message in one strong powerful sentence.  Open with that sentence and close with it.
  2. Stick to 3 key points.  The body of the message should have no more than three strong points to support your message. That’s it keep it tight and keep it focused.
  3. Be aware of your self-talk. Each time you catch yourself  saying something unresourceful internally interrupt yourself and say “stop it”. Then replace it with something useful like reminding yourself how much you actually know on the topic.
  4. Welcome mistakes.  There is no faster way to warming the hearts and opening the minds of your audience than to be willing to show your humanness. And if you can have a sense of humour about it…even better! Fumbling words amongst other things is something we do, it’s part of being human. Apologizing and telling the audience how nervous you are is the worse thing you can do, all it does is make them feel bad for you and it enforces any bad self-talk you’ve had running. Just focus on your message and let everything else drift away.
  5.  Be yourself.  Start with a warm smile, the kind you’d share with friends and family, speak from your heart. Don’t be afraid to show them who you are. At the end of your talk end with a heartfelt yet contextually appropriate send off which incorporates your message.

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