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Closing Like A Pro!

Jackey Backman Sales

Are you assuming the sale or creating doubts? Learn how to assume the sale and close like a pro! Click To Subscribe By Email

Knowing Your Customers Buying Criteria…

Jackey Backman Sales

Buying Criteria – What’s really important to you client? Learn how to know your whats really important to your client and the elements that go into making a buying decision for them from you! Click To Subscribe By Email

Qualifying Your Leads Effectively

Jackey Backman Sales

Stop wasting time! Learn how to make sure you are talking to the decision maker, find out if it’s a match and only present to those that truly need or want your product or service. Click To Subscribe By Email

Is Ultimate Sales Course For Me?

Jackey Backman Sales

The video above helps you answer the following questions and more… Who is the Ultimate Sales Course Trainer? How is emotional intelligence and soft skills development an important aspect in sales training? What makes your training different? What will my team learn differently by attending this training? The Ultimate Sales Course is not for you if… If you’re […]

Why I Created The Ultimate Sales Course

Jackey Backman Sales

Sales is a three step process… and certain criteria must be met in order for your prospect to say yes. Learn how to build relationships, assess your customers values and criteria, and the sales process itself so that you can be the absolute best sales person you can be. Click To Subscribe By Email

Sales Mistakes – Sales Calls – Purposeless Encounters

Jackey Backman Sales

Every Sales Call Is A Good Call Every sales call is not a good call. Most calls I hear people making are all but a complete waste of time. Each time you make a call you have to set an objective/goal as to what you are attempting to accomplish through the call. The mistake is […]

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Thank you for your interest on bringing Jackey in house to your organization. You will be joining a long list of organizations that have invested in their organizational development and continue to invest in their organization development through Jackey’s expertise.

The number one reason that organizations continue to work with Jackey is her ability to transfer knowledge to others and get you the results you want. In addition her programs are 100% customizable to the very specific needs and unique challenges you are experiencing currently. The program is made for you!

From Customer Service, Dealing with Difficult People, Public Speaking to Supreme Selling and Leadership Development, Jackey has you covered. Kindly contact us and Jackey herself will be in contact with you within the next 24-48 hours (depending on her travel/speaking schedule.) From there you can arrange a time that is mutually convenient to discuss your current needs and have all of your questions answered directly from Jackey herself.

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